Why We Don’t Sell On Amazon or Direct to Consumer on our Website

When I tell people that we turned down several opportunities to sell Baby Paper on Amazon, I get looks as if I just gave up the winning lottery ticket.  I am always met with a shocked, “WHY???”

In a nutshell - we don’t believe in competing with our customers, who are, for the most part, local stores trying to survive in a world gone mad with online shopping.  This is not to say that you cannot find Baby Paper on Amazon - you just cannot buy direct from us on Amazon.  Many local retailers, in an effort to stay competitive, have their own Amazon stores.

One of Amazon’s most recent attempts to entice us to sell direct was to point out that Baby Paper is sold through third party resellers and that we should capitalize on that market.

So, let me get this straight.  Our loyal stores, who have worked hard at helping us build our brand both locally and online, should now have to compete with the very manufacturer that they helped?  That is not who we want to be.

While I do understand the allure of shopping on Amazon (I really had to say that, I am a little afraid of them), as a society, we owe it to our communities to support our local merchants.  Imagine if your whole neighborhood was filled with shuttered storefronts (which is becoming increasingly common).  This would mean a loss of jobs, sales tax revenue and a place for neighbors to gather.

Local merchants get shafted on both ends.  Not only do many manufacturers compete with them by selling direct to the consumer, but also the consumers themselves use local stores to “showroom”.

“Showrooming” is when a customer walks in a store and spends the precious time of a knowledgeable salesperson to learn about a product and then buys it online.

We all want to get the best value we can, but it should not be at the expense of someone else.

Please try to shop local whenever possible.  If you know you can purchase something online for less - at least give the shop the opportunity to price match.