Some of our many letters from customers....

I want to thank you for the "Baby Paper"! All of the families I use it with absolutely LOVE it. I haven't found a child yet that doesn't engage with the paper. I have been using the paper with visually impaired children from birth to age five. All of the children instantly interact with it either by feeling it or looking at it. Even the children who are tactually defensive work with the paper! Thanks again for sending it. I use it with all of my clients.


I wanted to thank you for your donation!  The baby paper is such a wonderful stimulation tool for us to use when we are working with our infants.  The families we serve benefit greatly from our services and having great sensory toys such as this one enables us to provide stimulation activities for both visually impaired and developmentally challenged children. Our infants face developmental needs that require special attention and we are most grateful for your generosity!


I recently purchased Baby Paper for my granddaughter.  It was the perfect gift!  This simply 'creation' , a crinkly square of fabric, is wonderful for baby play and taps effortlessly into the child's sense of touch, sight and hearing.  The crackly sound and soft texture of the colorful covering combined with the lightness of the 'paper' allow the baby to manipulate endlessly with small fingers.  Baby Paper is portable and washable ... the 'toy' that goes anywhere!  A small investment for a big payoff in hours of play!


**Baby Paper has been chosen twice to be given in swag bags provided by Secret Room Events

   to celebrities, including those at the Golden Globes

**Baby Paper was selected by members of the Tri Sigma Sorority to give to alumni

   Carrie Underwood as part of her baby shower gift

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